Do you need frameless doors?

If you are thinking of changing your doors and windows and you have asked your supplier for something a bit special, they may have suggested frameless glass sliding doors. You might be wondering if you really need this type of door, but it really does depend on what you need and of course your budget.

Frameless glass sliding doors can be used for a wide range of things in the home or even at the office. If you are using them in the home they can really make a statement with any room. They can be used to replace any door within the home, including bedrooms and kitchens. The sliding motion means they are also space saving making them ideal for those who live in a smaller property where space is at a premium.

The frameless glass means that there is also an uninterrupted view through the doors, excellent if you live somewhere that has decent views, such as out in the country or even a city penthouse. Do you have a home gym? You may consider using frameless glass sliding doors on your gym, you can have all the enjoyment of your views while using your exercise bike or treadmill – it could help your workout become much more enjoyable.

If you are wondering if you need frameless glass sliding doors at your business, you may want to consider them if you have a smaller office space or even a space that does not get a lot of natural light. They can help to open the space up much more than cubicles and brick walls would.

You can have automatic glass sliding doors as the entrance to your building leading into your reception area. This helps to create a welcome feeling to all who may be wanting to enter, which can only be great for business.



Uses of Tiles

As one of the most versatile building materials, tiles are found in almost every residential and commercial property. Normally used on walls and floors, tiles can also be used for protection, decoration and much more. Tiles are easily accessible and come in a large range of shapes, materials, colours, patterns and styles. Slate tiles for example will look and feel very different from ceramic rak tiles. They can be used for a range of home improvements and installed fairly easily. Here are the most popular uses of tiles around the home…


 Most popularly used on walls and floors of bathrooms, tiles are the best material as they can be made completely waterproof for the wet surroundings. Tiles are low maintenance and are normally the best choice for bathrooms.


 Kitchen and bathroom countertops are often made from tiles as they are waterproof and work well in a moist environment. They are also hard and durable so there is little risk of damage. Tiles are low maintenance which is perfect as a countertop material, just a wipe down and it will be clean.


 Backsplash tiles are placed behind the kitchen sink and counter to protect the wall from stains and damage. Backsplashes are best made from tile as it is water-resistant and easy to install. Matching or contrasting colours to your kitchen can be used as an eye-catching design idea.


 Tiles are not only used as flooring in the bathroom, they can also be used as flooring in the kitchen or in the rest of the house. Being durable, low maintenance and waterproof tiles are a great option to have as flooring. They can withstand heavy traffic in the living room or hard use in the kitchen. The only thing is that in cold areas the tiles will be very cold underfoot so a house with all tile flooring is better suited to warmer climates.